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Our Staff Picks

Here are the products we love, why we love them, and why you should too!

Hans Staff Pick

"This new computer that we built is great for seasoned and newbie gamers."

Brad's New Staff Pick

"They're handy - they don't have cards all over the place. They're truly wireless ear buds."



Brad Spiegel

Stylus for Tablet

“Sometimes it’s hard to be accurate on a tablet, so these stylus pens work wonders if you have a program that can accept handwriting. It works for all touch screen devices.”

Wesley Reagan

Solid State Hybrid Drive

(This product is a mass storage device that contains both a conventional hard drive and a flash memory module)

“The HDD one of the greatest advancements in technology. They’re affordable and yet you get the performance of a solid state drive. It’s important cause performance is key.”

Austin Reagan

Micro USB

“What makes these awesome is that if you have to move around quite a bit, you won’t be restricted [to one place]. We have 6 ft and 9ft. They’re half the cost of original iphone chargers. You can also personalize it by getting it in any color you’d like.”

Stephen Rish
Michael Fowler
Jerry Ard

Lenovo Gaming Laptop

“It’s fast, lightweight and a great gaming laptop. So much so, you won’t have to wake your wife in the middle of the night to play games.”

John Slocumb

Our Signature System

“I can’t say enough about this machine: it’s mainly for folks who like to game a lot. It has a 240 solid state drive, lots of memory. You can get 8 or 16 gigs of RAM to help with speed and it has an 8 core processor with a coolant in it.”

Kyle Spaulding

D-Link Cloud Router & D-Link Camera

“The camera is wireless. It’s amazing how both the router and the camera work together. You can install the camera and view activity in real time. Plus you can hear audio as well."

Jason Fairchild
Naqua Gentry
Evan Gambill
Evan Gambill

Gaming Keyboard K55 RGB


"Corsair makes great keyboards. This one has great lighting and it's also one of the fastest keyboards. It also works directly with spotify."


Kyle Spaulding

Intell Core I-7


"It's the fastest processor you can get under $1,000. It's also the best processor for virtual reality gaming or workstations ."