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How Important Is Your Data?

A company's database usually holds records, contracts and even customer information as well as employee information. In addition, many businesses are dependent on a comprehensive database to automate their daily work process and their accounts receivable.

If the information is lost without any backup present, daily routine is disrupted. This is because there is no way to keep track of customer records, quotations, contracts and more. Many hours are wasted on recreating the database IF physical records are kept.

Also, if customers discover the company has lost data, they lose confidence in the company and will sooner patronise their competitors. This is a recipe for disaster as you not only lose a customer, but also help your competitors gain your lost business.

Customers are one thing, what about your business partners? Will they still have confidence in a partner who loses data and cannot recover from it? Ultimately, all this may lead to business closure.

This is why every system we build, we use a vertical data layered hard drive. The failure rate is a quarter of a traditional hard drive. The data is stored vertically so it is built stronger on the platter. It can withstand physical movement and small surges more effectively. There is no reason to lose data if you have better storage and a good backup. We also provide advance data recovery with a recovery rate of over 85%.