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  • We are a retail store
  • We also repair devices (laptops, desktop computers, phones and tablets)
  • We provide onsite service for consumers and small businesses
  • We manufacture systems
  • We provide remote management. Read more here



Our business was developed with computer users in mind. Customers are important to us and the value in returning to a qualified retailer such as Quality Computer Systems, is that we understand the importance of superior service and high quality products.

All of our laptops are built with business quality components. We look at the computer industry differently than others, in that we believe everyone needs a highly efficient computer. For example we used to change every hard drive in the laptops we carry to vertical data layering. Now, we manufacter systems and have been doing so for over 30 years.

There’s a reason we’re the best of the best in what we do! Read more here


At Quality Computer Systems, we offer a large source of computer hardware for Central Georgia. We specialize in parts and accessories from cables, adaptors, USB’s, screen protectors, laptop cases and much, much more. We specialize in providing hard to find parts for our customers. Our retail store has a large inventory and we are always adding more computers and unique computer essentials every day. We sell tablets, laptops, gaming equipment, desktops, printers, screens and much more.

Come by and browse our wide inventory today! We’re located at 2940 Riverside Drive, right off the I-75 in Macon.


There's a reason we've won the best of the best in the Middle Georgia for years. We pride ourselves on providing superior, prompt and efficient service to our customers. That's the "QCS" Guarantee!

The “QCS” Guarantee:

Handpicked Laptops: What makes our handpicked laptops so special?

  • Reliability: All of our handpicked laptops are business quality systems. We find that they are very reliable with a much longer lifespan. They are built to withstand more than the average abuse and are built with higher grade components.
  • Service: If something does happen what do you do? For most people their laptop has their most important data on it. The data on a laptop is so important you want to carry it around with you. So when you have a problem you need it fixed NOW! No big box store in town works on the computers they sell you - they simply sell while it is under warranty. That is right even if the big box store has a repair department. Don't believe they are allowed to work on it. They are not certified. If you are lucky they’ll mail it off for you.


All New Quality Computers come with our award winning service!

  • Lifetime Phone Support
  • Minimum 1 Year In-Store Warranty
  • Macon Based Phone Support
  • Reduced Labor Rate
  • FREE Microsoft Word and Excel

Our Custom Systems: At Quality Computers we have been building custom systems for over 20 years. We approach building a system differently. We understand you have many choices and appreciate your trust in us!

When building a system, we strive to:

  • Meet the customer’s requirements for the system.
  • Utilize the latest technologies to keep the customer's data as secure as possible.
  • Build a system with the longest lifespan possible.
  • Handle data with the utmost care.

Free Software: The staff at Quality Computers enjoys free stuff. And we know everyone else likes to get free stuff - even when it comes to antivirus software.

With free antivirus software you typically get what you pay for. You usually get little to no support from most companies. If you have a problem, many times you are on your own. Paid antivirus software typically offers better support and usually offers more bells and whistles than free ones. There are a lot of free and paid antivirus software on the market that are not legitimate and causes more problems than they fix. It is very important to do research before deciding on antivirus software. We know all about it!

If you have questions about antivirus software feel free to give us a call.

The QCS MII: The Quality Computer Systems MII computer uses our patented design offering the highest speeds while requiring minimal space. This device has also been nationally recognized due to its requirement of less than 26 Watts of electricity.

The MII can be manufactured in many different configurations. Some of the popular options are PCMCIA slots, Wireless, Compact Flash, or even Triple Monitor output.

To order this system and to get a customized quote contact Brad at 478-474-0861.


Q: Where is the Quality Care Suite icon?

A: It's found on the task bar, near the time and date.


Q: I'm unable to get online. Can you see my screen or log into my computer?

A: No, first check to see if other systems or devices can access the internet through the same router and/or modem. If not, you may want to try removing the power plug to these devices for a moment, then reconnecting the power cables. Reconnect the power cable to the modem first, then to the router. Restart your computer and check to see if you can connect to the internet. If you still can’t connect to the internet, you will need to contact your internet service provider.


Q: My computer says that I'm connected to the internet, but all that comes up is “this page cannot be displayed.” Can you log in?

A: Most of the time we can access your system if you’re getting this message.


Q: If I need help right now, can a technician log in and help me?

A: During normal business hours we will strive to help out in any way we can. However it could take up to five minutes for your system to contact our server in order to establish a connection. If we are experiencing a high volume of calls we may ask you to schedule a time to help resolve your issue.